Alberta Rewind & Pump Services, Ltd.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm

Edmonton Location: 780-468-7175 (24 Hour Emergency Service)

Red Deer Location: 587-272-2777 (24 Hour Emergency Service)


Tel: 780-468-7175 (24 Hour Emergency Service)

Motors ~ Pumps ~ Generators ~ Dry Ice Blasting ~ Rewinding ~ Vibration Analysis ~ Laser Alignment


Since 1976 Alberta Rewind & Pump Services, Ltd. has been operating in Edmonton, Alberta as a one-stop motor shop. Serving the Central/Northern Alberta area as well as the North West Territories, our fully equipped 15,000 square foot service shop and warehouse along with our knowledgeable staff are able to supply or service virtually any sized electric motor, pump, generator, and more from all the leading brands.

If you're located in Central Alberta, visit our Red Deer location at #130, 6040 - 47th Ave.

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Alberta Rewind & Pump Services, Ltd. is a supplier of a wide range of electric motors, pumps, fans and generators. We also supply VFDs, replacement bearings, controls, impellers, seals, gaskets and shafts, and any other replacement parts required to repair your electric motors and pumps.



Alberta Rewind's 15,000 square foot South Edmonton service shop offers everything needed to rewind and repair all types of electric motors, pumps and generators. Equipped with a 22,000lb capacity overhead crane, temperature controlled burn out oven, electronic balancing equipment, 312 KVA test panels and VPI dip tanks we are capable of handing most motor and pump repairs. Alternatively, our fully stocked service vehicles also enable us to do any job on-site at your location, including the installation of your motor. Ask about our dry-ice blasting service, a cleaner, environmentally-friendly method of cleaning the dirtiest equipment.



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