Alberta Rewind & Pump Services, Ltd.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm

Edmonton Location: 780-468-7175 (24 Hour Emergency Service)

Red Deer Location: 587-272-2777 (24 Hour Emergency Service)


Tel: 780-468-7175 (24 Hour Emergency Service)

Motors ~ Pumps ~ Generators ~ Dry Ice Blasting ~ Rewinding ~ Vibration Analysis ~ Laser Alignment

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Alberta Rewind & Pump Services, Ltd. is a family owned and operated business located in Edmonton, Alberta. serving industries in Western Canada and NWT since 1976.  

Our 15,000 square foot service center includes a 22,000lb capacity overhead crane, temperature controlled burn out oven, electronic balancing equipment, and a VPI dip tank. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available 24 hours a day and specialize in the sales and service of all types of electric motors, pumps, and generators. Services can be done both in-house and in the field.  

  • Complete In-House Overhauls and Repair of AC & DC Motors and Generators up to 10,000HP
  • Pump Repair & Pump Package Sales
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Vibration Analysis (Preventative Maintenance)
  • Winding Analysis
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Computer/ Laser Alignment
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Shaft Repair & Fabrication
  • Spray Weld & Chrome Shaft Refurbishing



Our Location:

8435 McIntyre Road
Edmonton, AB
T6E 6G3
T: 780-468-7175
F: 780-468-7177
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Sectors We Service:



  • oil & gas
  • mining
  • industrial
  • water treatment plants
  • upgraders & refineries
  • forestry
  • agriculture
  • municipalities
  • power plants


  • private contractors
  • hi-rise buildings
  • elevators
  • golf courses
  • crane suppliers